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Fuller Law Group attorneys partner with employers to address challenges in a way that balances business needs with minimizing risk. We value understanding your business, evaluating the problem, developing options for resolution, and recommending a course of action. We discuss, assess, teach, and advise. Our counseling supports employers with many challenges, including the risks associated with a proposed termination of employment (including layoffs); complaints of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation; compliance with wage-and-hour issues; guidance on the process for accommodating protected disabilities; and management of leaves of absences.

In addition, we help employers resolve legal claims: pre-lawsuit demand letters; government claims/charges; and lawsuits. Our initial priority is gathering pertinent information so we can give as accurate an early evaluation as possible. That assessment, combined with the employer's desired outcome, drives initial strategy. We work smartly and efficiently. We communicate regularly to keep the client apprised of developments and any changes in expected costs. We give sound, objective advice so that the client can make informed decisions designed to achieve its goals. At the same time, when dealing with opposing counsel, agency representatives, and judges, we are strong advocates focused on exposing weaknesses in the opponents' positions. Whether by dismissal or settlement, we strive to assist the client in resolving the claims in a way that best addresses the organization's interests.

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  • Exceptional, cost-effective solutions to workplace challenges
  • Strong advocacy and sound, objective advice for resolving legal claims
  • Open, straightforward communication
  • Webinars, trainings, lunch & learns
  • Alternative fee arrangements available

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