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Cadence at Poway Gardens

Cadence at Poway Gardens

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About Us

Cadence at Poway Gardens is an 86 resident, 100% MEMORY CARE community, located on 32 acres of Monte Vista Road here in Poway. Our primary focus is the retention/improvement of memory, cognition and overall quality of life for our residents.With signature programs, such as Horticulture Therapy, Intergenerational Interaction and O.W.L.S (Older, Wiser, Learners Society), we are able to provide our residents with options and the freedom of choice in their daily lives. Our 32acre community offers a safe, engaging and relaxing environment, which includes five gardens, a greenhouse and plenty of scenic areas around campus for our residents and families to enjoy. With all of our care staf'f's main focused training being in memory and cognition care, families can rest easy knowing their loved ones are being cared for by knowledgable, caring and compassionate individuals, that understand and specialize in the care of those with memory and cognitive impairements. We offer three(3) levels of care within our seven(7) homes located on our campus. Come by and take a tour and you'll see for yourself what makes us so unique and what sets us apart from other memory care facilities in the region.


100% Memory Care Community
We are Cadence strong and 100% COVID FREE
Poway Gardens Pumkin Patch for our residents
Beautiful Garden Village Ranch Homes (6 beds)
The Palms (24 bed semi-private)
Mtn Vistas (32 bed semi-private
The greenhouse is part of our Horticulture Therapy Program
We have five(5) organic gardens on campus that produce upwards of 24,000lbs of produce annually
A Touch of Arts Class brings out creativeness
Residents love Snow Pea Harvest Day
Farmer Roy is always there to help. Thanks Roy
A day at the Cadence Derby for the ladies of the Magnolias
Plenty of parties around the 32acre campus
Lots of space around the campus for parties (post COVID)
Our Mtn.Vistas are warm and welcoming
Did I mention we garden?
We practice safe and practical measures to ensure we stay COVID FREE
Root'n for the home team. (yep, O'Douls)
We sure do miss our St.Michael's kids. They'll be back when COVID clears
O.W.L.S Class  (Older Wiser Learners Society)in full swing!
Always on the move around our 32acre campus.
A little outdoor fun at the Palms
Live performances (post COVID) are offered quite often. "Music is our CADENCE"- William Shatner
Giving back to the community
We're here...we're safe...we're  living our lives without fear.

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