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AGIC Energy

AGIC Energy

Solar Power

About Us

The American company, AGIC Energy, is an independent renewable energy research, developer, distributor, energy storage solution (ESS) provider, and energy as a service provider company that drives innovation in clean energy. We operate strictly in the renewable energy market sector across the globe.

At AGIC Energy, we are at the forefront of a sustainable energy revolution, committed to providing cutting-edge renewable energy products and solutions across all levels, from households, businesses, industries, and high-requirement energy storage facilities such as solar and wind parks.


AGIC Energy Logo
Our Mission
Solar Inverter
Our Vision
The Chongo DC SolarSynthesis35 and 7, with solar panel and USB power outlets to charge your phone and any other USB device.
Chongo DC Powersol, an umbrella that can charge from the sun and provide energy through USB outlet to charge your phone and any other USB device.
Chongo DC Powersol hub with 2 USB charging ports
Chongo DC Powersol with the solar panels

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