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Activities Coordinator

Posted: 05/18/2023

CURRENT RESPONSIBILITIES: creates, develops, plans, and organizes recreational, social and enrichment events and opportunities for developmentally disabled participants. Actively works to properly account and budget for all activities and social events. Researches participants’ interests, capacities, and growth areas for new activities; some work on Saturday and/or Sunday and classes/events that end in the evening occasionally. Creates a monthly calendar, enrolls participants in activities while considering their budgets; and determines staff for activities.

  • Prepares class ideas, summaries, times, dates, and locations in accordance with the class schedule.

  • Leads class or group activity as needed and based on talent and ability.

  • Maintains regular contact with the City of Poway Community Services.

  • Responsible for finding teachers and signing subcontractor agreements when needed.

  • Notifies Social Club with an email providing information on how to enroll, and any changes that happen as well as making at least 2 social media posts/week.

  • Attends each class, assists the instructor if needed, builds rapport with social club members, and makes sure everyone stays present and accounted for.

  • Compiles an attendance sheet and monitors check-ins at every class.

  • Follows up with people that do not attend and see what could be improved.

  • Creates the future programming with Program Manager & Executive Director for Villa de Vida, Poway.

  • Programming will include various activities: cooking, healthy lifestyles, employment, physical fitness, arts and crafts, social skills and other.

  • Participates in fundraising and grant writing as needed.

    Additional responsibilities to include:

  • Create and administer resident profile surveys and interviews

  • Meet one-on-one with residents to obtain specific needs in order to create a plan to achieve their short and long-term goals.

  • Then periodically meets with residents to review and update their plan. 

  • Follow up with residents, create and perform satisfaction surveys, resident exit surveys and do outcome studies to be reported to the Resident Support Coordinator (RSC) and Executive Director 

  • Advocate on behalf of residents (physical fitness, therapy, job coaches) and make referrals as necessary.

  • Participate in organized strategies that enhance best practices and support quality of resident services.

  • Maintain proper records. All records should include follow-up plans.

  • Maintain files. Meet reporting requirements.  Responsible for monthly file audits.

  • Will be required to occasionally attend fundraisers and assist with events.


  • Must have an Associate’s Degree in one of the included or related areas: Therapeutic Recreation, Education/Special Education, Social Services, Behavioral or Rehabilitative Science, 

  • (2) two-years minimum of direct professional experience in working with persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities; 

  • OR a Bachelor’s Degree in the aforementioned areas plus one-year minimum of direct professional experience in working with persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. 


  • Must demonstrate expertise in creating/implementing best practices service delivery systems regarding employment and supportive housing services to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities.


  • Computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office and Adobe.

  • Must have a valid California Driver’s license.

  • Employment background check. 

  • Criminal background check. 

  • Up to date COVID Vaccinations.

  • TB Test

  • Must demonstrate effective case management skills and knowledge of referral services available for persons with disabilities.
  • Must demonstrate a capacity for developing, monitoring and evaluating measurable support plans. 

  • Must demonstrate a capacity for creating and using assessment tools (formal and informal) and analyzing results.

  • Must have excellent interpersonal relationship skills and experience in working with families, consumers, public and private entities, and volunteers. 

  • Must have in-depth knowledge of disability accommodations and adaptations, and disability advocacy for developmentally disabled clients ?

  • Must be able to work collaboratively with others in a team environment, respecting and valuing the perspectives and contributions of others. 

  • Must function effectively in an environment with diverse cultures, multiple perspectives and competing needs. ?

  • Must be an active member of the site team, working collaboratively with the manager and other site staff to meet property needs and resolve resident problems.

  • Must be able to pass CFS and Basic First Aid Certification & Certification in AIDS 101.

  • Must report child, dependent adult and elder abuse and neglect according to state law. 

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