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$50 Off Transmission Service
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Free Check out – Free Computer Scan!   Check light on?  We scan it & give you the code.  Other problems? Drop it off for our 4 hour free complete inspection!! If your mechanic doesn’t offer you a repair, they are not a Transmission Specialist and that will cost you more money.

Skip the parts replacers come to the Specialists

$50 off Transmission Service!  Don’t FLUSH!  Call us!  Builders of transmissions would never flush their own us and we’ll explain why.  Change your fluid every 15-20k miles!

Show us your AAA Card to save!  Save 10% off up to $50!  We participate in the AAA ‘Show your card & save’ program!  AAA Award Winning Customer Service Shop 858-679-8000
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phone: (858) 679-8000
Offer Valid: October 11, 2013December 31, 2017
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